Alkaline Cookery Course Ibiza  

Green Alkaline Cookery Course Ibiza by Tara Fredriksson
Green Alkaline Cookery Course Ibiza
by Tara Fredriksson
Enjoy preparing food, or wish you did ?
Then this the right course for you!
With lots of of tasty and healthy veggie dishes, information and fun !
The human body is designed to be alkaline with a general cellular and fluids of just pH 7.365 in which acids are caused naturally by bodily functions.
As the body's main priority is to maintain its pH balance it will deplete the alkaline buffers of the body.
Since humanity radically changed their lifestyle over the last centuries, and we added more and more processed food, increasing stress levels, negative emotions and lack of exercise to our daily lives, acidity in our bodies has dramatically increased, causing all sorts of diseases and illnesses.
You are what you eat, drink, think & feel !

In order to improve your overall wellbeing you should avoid sugar, trans-fats, yeasts, dairy, simple carbs, alcohol, nicotine, refined foods etc., and start implementing 70-80% of alkaline foods to your diet and try to limit the acid foods, and drink 3-4 litres of good quality, clean, filtered water each day.

Tara's Green Alkaline Cookery Course Ibiza will help help you to understand all about the basic physiology of your body and all you need to know about alkaline and acid balance.
She will be showing you how to incorporate alkaline nutrients to your daily diet providing your body the tools it needs to neutralise acids and support your main important cleanse organs the liver, colon and kidneys to purify, rebuild, detoxify and thrive.
You will improve your wellbeing with simple, tasty and wholesome  food and drink recipes that will transform into healthy body cells.

Tara Frederiksson Your host Tara Fredriksson was trained as a paediatric nurse and studied Dr. Robert O.Young`s "New Biology".
She has many years of experience in conscious and healthy food preparation, incl. 5 years of practice in Casita Verde, Greenheart Ecological Centre Ibiza.

She loves to support people in enhancing their potential and in showing ways how to enjoy health and natural beauty!

For more info: (Tara´s Green Grounding Project)

Bring your Body, Mind and Spirit back into balance and harmony, the easy way
with Tara's Green Alkaline Cookery Course Ibiza
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Schedule: Tara's Green Alkaline Cookery Course Ibiza

Sta. Gertrudis, Ibiza

Wednesday 3 February 2016 from 10.00 - 16.00 hrs

* contribution: € 60

To join the course, inform Tara:

 phone: mobile: +34 625 723 933 - landline: +34 971 334 459
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